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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 11, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. police in walnut creek are now investigating a burglary at the macy's department store in the broadway plaza. new at noon, paul chambers joins us live to explain what was taken and how this could happen during the busy holiday season. good afternoon, paul. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. now, this is a story we've been working on since this morning. we're still working on it and trying to get more information. at this macy's store right here in walnut creek, it's the women and children's store. we have very limited information. bur here's what we know. yellow tape still surrounds the area where police say a perp or people broke into the macy's store at 3:15 this morning. apparently, the criminals broke the glass windows to two separate doors before ending up inside greking -- breaking through the plate glass and
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steeling -- stealing jewelry. macy's would not allows inside. but i counted four cameras and police will review it today. we are awaiting a statement from macy's. but senator a major statement that needs to be answered -- but there is a major statement that needs to be answered. the alarm i hope to have more on that at 5:00. we come back out here live, once again, as i said, this was the macy's store in question. it's been about ten hours since that burglary happened. we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest at 5:00 and then again at 6:00, i will have more information live for you at that time. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. in morgan hill police are warning residents about a recent increase in the number of burglaries. in fact, there's been a significant increase in one particular part of the city. janine de la vega joins us live to explain where that is and exactly what police are doing right now. janine? >> reporter: tori, we just saw
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police and patrol cars here in the area. those investigators are tracking down leads. they are trying to find the people who are burglarizing homes and cars in this green leaf neighborhood off east dunn avenue. many of the people who live in these homes behind nordstrom elementary school are in the holiday spirit, but there's been some grinches stealing that way away from homeowners. a week ago, someone broke into this woman's home. >> it was disturbing coming in knowing that they had been in. that's why i have not slept good. >> reporter: thieves took electronics and valuables. then her neighbor's car was i had. police say there have been 23 burglaries in the area. 15 cars have been broken into. in some instance, the windows have been smashed. >> some are knocking on the front door to see if anybody is home and they will go around looking for doors and windows left unlocked. >> reporter: police say they
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different -- they think different groups of thieves are targeting neighbors. officers are saying deep your doors an windows locked and things in your car out of sight. >> the one night i didn't lock my car, they got in there. >> reporter: police say they are taking this seriously. until someone is caught, smith is holding off on buying christmas presents. >> i'm afraid they will come back. it's easy for them to -- they've already hit a couple of houses in the neighborhood afterwards. >> reporter: patrols have increased in the neighborhood. police also plan on going door to door later today to warn people here about the spike in crime. reporting live from morgan hill, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. there are new details about the two victims of a brutal san francisco crime. the two were found bound and
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gagged and seriously injured in the middle of a bayview district street sunday night. the man was unconscious at the time and died at the hospital. this morning he was identified as 26-year-old steven reed. there's no word yet on the woman's identity but we also heard this morning that she is expected to survive. police have not released any details about their injuries and they are hoping to talk to the woman about what happened. >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. yesterday, a judge approved an amendment to attach the lamar case to three other crimes. prosecutors say that he also tried to kidnap three different women from a safeway parking lot in 2009. tomorrow, garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea in both cases. tonight, a mow were you ga school district plans to talk about the child sexual abuse claims it is facing. all four claims allege dan
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witters abused middle school students in the 1990s a public meeting is being held at 7:30 p.m. at joaquin intermediate school. a mother and son are safe after a case of arson started by a molotov cocktail. when firefighters arrived, both floors were fully engulfed. the woman broke up to breaking glass and flames in the living room. she believes someone was trying to kill her and her 8-year-old son. >> this does appear to be some type of molotov cocktail being thrown through the window. >> firefighters found accelerants and that helped spread the fire quickly. the mother and her son escaped without injury. damage is estimated at $150,000
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to $200,000. earlier this morning, oakland firefighters tackled a one-alarm fire at an abandoned business. it happened at the budget appliance store. the store has been vacant since another fire there four months ago. firefighters suspect this morning's fire may have been sparked by squatters. investigators will be checking on exact cause of the fire later today. a car fire just inside the caldecott tunnel tied up traffic in the eastbound direction. it happened at 8:15 on the oakland side of the tunnel, heading toward orinda. normally the noncommute direction. the fire crews put out the fire. but the chp says the tunnel was full of smoke. the traffic was stopped for a time and then limb you -- limited to some time. but then things got normal around 9:00 a.m. the contra costa board of
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supervisors is scheduled to meet about a decision to shut down four fire stations. stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and la fayette are set to close in january. the board is asking fire officials about costs, benefits and possible alternatives to shutting down the stations before making a final decision. the australian radio station behind a prank phone call involving the duchess of cambridge could face criminal charges. legal parts say the charges could stem from broadcasting a private conversation without the consent of the -- experts say the charges could stem from broadcasting a private conversation without the consent. the nurse who initially took the call from the deejays later committed suicide. the radio station says it tried to contact the hospital to discuss the prank before it aired. some parents in san jose's evergreen school district are reportedly angry over a letter
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sent by the district last month. the letter outlined the district's response after one parent accused a tear of molesting a child. according to the san jose mercury news, the district said a private investigator found no merit to that charge because chandler had given a "convincing denial of any inappropriate activity." he was later arrested when other molestation actions came to light. he's due to go to court later on five other accusations. a coach is accused of secretly videotaping a young girl. an underaged girl told police she was taped while changing clothes for a photo shoot. the 30-year-old coach is a part- time photographer. a morgan hill mother accused of using her young daughter to help her shoplift is due in court this afternoon.
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marcie kielen is expected to enter a plea to charges today. she's accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter at a safeway store in september. it happened after police say she was confronted by store employees while trying to take a basket full of groceries out to her mom's car. sunnyvale police are investigating a purse snatching and another armed attack near the cal station. a woman said she was waiting for a taxi at 12:15 when a man with a gun took her purse. a few minutes later, a man called police two say two -- to say two men pushed him down, brandished a handgun and demanded money. they fled before they got anything. police are trying to determine if the two incidents are linked. >> reporter: i'm brian flores live at fisherman's wharf where the fishermen may be on the water again. we'll give you details on a
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settlement that may have been reached. and rosemary will be here to tell you how soon you can expect rain. another major shakeup at the port of oakland, as ktvu don'ting -- continues the investigation of questionable spending into public money. on your prepaid card?
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there's been another shakeup at the port of oakland of questionable money of public money. james kwan is now spending down. the announcement comes as the port released an internal audit. the audit says some of the port's credit cardholders squirted spending limits on single transactions. it also says more than $67,000 in extravagant gifts may violent state and federal laws and that some expenses expose the port to tax liabilities. >> it's something that we take seriously and are not gonna close our eyes to. we're gonna look at it and make sure mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> quan is the second executive to step down. omar benjamin refired last month -- retired last month. the two wracked up $5,000 of charges at a strip club. the money has been repaid.
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there is a critical meeting taking place in a couple of hours in the crabbing situation. brian flores has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. the question of whether kresh crab was gonna be served in time for christmastime appears to have been answered. it appears there's been an agreement between crab fisherman and brokers. now what, was at stake was the price per bound. fish brokers wanted to drop the price at below $3 and the owners thought $lee low $3. there was -- belee $3. there was a scheduled -- below $3. there was a scheduled meeting but it's been pushed back. the exact details are not released but they will take after the meeting this afternoon. many fishermen say they are anxious to get on the water as well. if all goes well, they will begin head out as early as
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tomorrow or the early part of next week as i'm sure many of these restaurants are looking forward to -- to having having fresh crab. more on this at 5:00 and 6:00. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. scientists in santa cruz county are trying to figure out why hundreds of large humboldt skid are washing up to beaches. they are all over the aptos beach. scientist says this is strange because normally they live in warm waters. experts advise not to touch or eat the -- or eat the dead squid. california's king tides are coming in. the king tides peak in the morning. it will be hitting rocks and docks. some believe this is what
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california may look like in the future if sea levels rise because of global warming. rescue workers pulled two people from a car that went over a hillside in daly city this morning. the chp got the call around 4:20, on skyline boulevard an olympic way. the emergency crews closed skyline for a time but it reopened around 6:30. the chp says one of the people had serious injuries, possibly a broken arm. it's not clear what caused the car to go over the side and end up 200 to 300 feet below. the highway patrol is reporting minor injuries in the small chain reaction accident involving a school bus near castro valley. the accident happened around 8:00 a.m. at east 14th street and 165th avenue. officers say a toyota camry rear ended another toyota which rear ended the school bus. two 17-year-old students and the driver of the center car were treated for main -- pain. police say the driver who
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initiated the accident said she was blinded by a frosty windshield and the sun. there's no arrests and no word of any citations. crews in la fayette are about to get help repairing a giant sinkhole. the 15-foot deep hole is on mountain view drive. the city has contractor cc meyers to do the repairs. the company is famous for it's on-time and on-budget projects. the city hopes to have this completed, weather permitting, by christmas. good afternoon to you. a dry, cooler day in store for you today. for mown of us, we're already beginning to feel a transition -- -- to feel a transition. along the coastline, socked in pretty good. fock and low clouds as well as areas of napa, concord, fairfield all reporting fog. you can see it here on
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stormtracker2. we remain dry. the storm won't roll in until later today. we're already beginning to see the southerly and onshore breeze and that's what's happening to bring back the low clouds. some of us still have plenty of sunshine. san jose, you've got blue skies and sunshine. the winds beginning to turn onshore anywhere from 5 to 8 miles an hour outside the door right now. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago. 52 in concord. 57 sfo. low 60s in san jose. if i back it up for you here, i will show you the storm that will begin to move in later tonight. right now bringing areas to oregon, washington, northwest corner of california, still dry but mostly cloudy and this will be shifting south as we -- as we progress through the afternoon. your tuesday will be dry. cooler. the mix of sunshine and clouds out there for your afternoon into the evening hours.
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you can see wide scattered showers over parts of the north bay. by 10:00, it's moving into the central portions of the bay. north bay already pea gypping to watch -- beginning. it looks line this storm won't bring us a whole lot. afternoon highs are going to be cool for the next few days. we're talking 50s and the snow levels will be dropping by tomorrow down to about 3,000 feet. so any lingering moisture left behind could bring us a dusting of snow to the higher elevations. perhaps mt. diablo or mount hamilton, afternoon highs for today, a lot cooler. upper 50s low 60s in the forecast. your extended forecast shows rain moving in. most of us will be tucked in
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our homes. but we could have a few scattered showers remain. we dry out and remain unsettled on thursday, friday, increasing clouds on saturday. a new storm on sunday. those afternoon highs chilly. >> it will feel much like winter here. uc berkeley is announcing the single biggest scholarship gift to help undocketmented students. today, the ut -- today, the university posted that the fund is giving the university $1 million to be used exclusively for undocument emergencied students. there will about -- there are about 200 students who qualify right now. the money will also be used to help future students. the students find they are priced out of college because any are not eligible for grants or loans. major changes at the bay bridge. and 49ers' tight end vernon davis showcases his talents off the field and this is for a good cause.
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you need the staples. that's a given. you need safeway sugar for just $1.97. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another -- only $2.99 for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday." safeway. ingredients for life. stock markets coming back to live, following hopeful signs of progress and budget talks being held in washington. it's come back a little bit. it was up over 100. the dow, it is still up, 63. the nasdaq is up 29. s&p, up 7. facebook use remembers losing their right to vote on policy changes. today, facebook is expected to announce the result of a poll which asked users about changes
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to its data sharing and member input policies. facebook says since fewer than 700,000 users responded, the company plans to go ahead with the changes without user input. for the first time hostess brand is acknowledging that workers' pension money was diverted for other uses. the wall street journal reports that the executives say money taken out of employees' checks for their retirement was used instead for operations. hostess say they don't even know how much was funneled away. they were under different management at the time. the diversions began more than a year ago. a 6.6 million facelift of the bay bridge is under way. they will be painting the booth and other areas. the work could last six months but is only scheduled for
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overnight hours. the ruling from the former commissioner ruled that the bounty charges have been overturned. tight end vernon davis held a private reception at his gallery 85 at santana row. in addition to being one of the best nfl players in his position, he's also an artist. some of his paintings -- paintings are on display. they will be auctioned off off to promote his charity. >> i was afraid, you know, to be an artist. so to reach out to these kids and let them know it's okay. it is safe to be an artist. you don't have to play
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basketball and football to be cool. >> 49ers teammates goalton and alex smith were on hand for the opening. san francisco is coming in as only the second smartest city in north america. there's a report that says san francisco has a thriving entrepreneurial community. but they named boston the top on the list. right behind san francisco are seattle and vancouver. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, david stevenson is following the story we told you about earlier in the newscast. the death of one of the people found bound and gagged sunday in san francisco. and david is expecting new developments this afternoon in this investigation. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time bruise breaks. we're always here for you on and mobile
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